Personal Training in the Garden

Personal Training for your garden - let's get physical

Noni Young Garden Design offers personal training sessions for you and your garden. You will learn how to get your garden in tip top shape and keep it there. Here's a sample of available training topics. Or perhaps you have a specific issue that you would like to tackle.

  • Pruning power lifts: how to prune roses, fruit trees, exotics, natives
  • Managing pests & disease: improve the health of your garden
  • Workout your green thumbs: what to do each season
  • Eating right: growing your own fruit, vegetables & herbs
  • An hour of flower power: designing for seasonal colour
  • Composting crunches: how to create great compost
  • Flex your mulching muscles: the best mulching regime for your garden
  • Be the best you can be with green: choosing the right plants for the garden

One hour session = $80

Two hour session = $144

To book a Personal Training session for you and your garden click here.